Bestiary art milestone

I’ve been been wanting to do an update on the Bestiary for the last few days, but have been holding off as I’ve been watching the numbers on the artwork tick up and up towards one of those “significant numbers”. And lo! and behold it has happened.

We have now gotten 75% of the artwork completed. Less than a hundred pieces to go.

Stop and think about that. Since June 9, when the first batches of art were sent out to the artists, we’ve gotten nearly 300 finished, gorgeous, pieces of art in, in just nine weeks. That is, frankly, a lot quicker than I expected (and it’s a good kind of surprise!).

If we keep up this breakneck pace (and who knows, with summer vacations and the like, if we’ll be able to), all of the art should be in hand around the beginning of September. I’ve already gotten about half of the edits from our illustrious editor, and should hopefully have the rest in a couple of weeks. Then it’s just a matter of final tweaks to the book itself, doing the final layout adjustments, and off we go to the printer for proofs.

I am… very unofficially and informally… estimating we should have books in hand by Thanksgiving if all goes well. Woo-hoo! Beats the heck out of next March.

And, as always, let me thank the Kickstarter backers for your incredible support of this project. Without you guys, it simply would not have been possible. You guys are awesome.

In the meantime, here are a few more pieces from our awesome group of artists. Enjoy!



 And, finally, a demon who needs no introduction…

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  1. Hi Joseph,
    A couple of things. First, I recently picked up a softcover copy of your "AD&D" players manual through RPGNow. I quite like it and have just ordered the DM Tool kit. Unfortunately I missed the Bestiary kickstarter. Is it too late to support and get my name on a monster? Please let me know. Thanks
    Michael B.

  2. Oh, also, I forgot the other thing I wanted to say "a couple of things". That being; I love love LOVE this artwork! I'm honestly tired of the super saturated color cartoony/ultra monster art we're seeing in D&D and PFRPG for example. Sure sure, Wayne Reynolds is great and all that but there's just something about basic black and white art that feels more natural, like it stokes the imagination instead of replaces it. It adds a feel of "this is a drawing based on a verbal description from a survivor" Rather than, "this is what the monster officially looks like". Can't wait to get my hands on this book!

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