Castle of the Mad Archmage Now Available!

At long last, the print version of Castle of the Mad Archmage is now available!

The free serialized version from several years ago has been added to, scrubbed, edited, and generally improved upon. The adventure now is self-contained, from the surface ruins to the dreaded lowest levels, with a separate map book and illustration book (with pictures to show the players what they see at given places in the dungeons). You can get all three of the books that make up this adventure at

All three books are available in pdf format as well, and as always you get a free pdf copy when you order the hard copy books. The adventure book was written with the Adventures Dark and Deep rules in mind, which means it can easily be used with most OSR-type rules.

You can get get the whole set for $20 pdf, $35 with a softcover adventure book, and $45 with a hardcover adventure book (the map and illustration books are only available in softcover).

It’s been a long time getting here, but I hope you have as much fun with it as I have over the years.

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  1. Hey Joseph,
    Congrats on getting this out there. I'm excited to get my hands on it and hopefully convince my players to play it. I notice in the description on RPGNow, that the map book and illustration book are also required to run the adventure. Does this mean the adventure book has no maps in it? Also, while I have no problem buying them all, I'm curious why the illustration book would be required. Are there puzzles that use some of the illustrations to solve? Thanks again!

  2. Not so much puzzles, but some of the illustrations do have subtle clues that astute players might pick up on. If they were mentioned in a verbal description, they would be quite obvious.

    Technically, I suppose it would be possible to play without the illustration book, but there are references to it throughout the adventure book, and it made more sense to just say they're a trio.

    Man, the headaches that I would have been spared if OBS had allowed bundling of print books…

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