Impact of OGL Changes to BRW Games

BRW Games is monitoring the news surrounding the possible de-authorization of the OGL1.0a and the subsequent issuance of a new OGL1.1. We have reviewed the proposed language of the OGL1.1 and have determined that, if the language remains unchanged from the version that was leaked earlier this week, there is no possibility that we will publish anything under the terms it offers, which we view as predatory and offensive.

BRW Games has published a number of books and adventures through the auspices of OGL1.0a, including the Castle of the Mad Archmage and Adventures Dark and Deep core rulebooks. Based on the leaked text of the license, it is entirely likely that Wizards of the Coast, which issued the OGL1.0a, will de-authorize that license, putting those and other titles in jeopardy. In such an event, it is unclear whether only new publications would be disallowed, or if previous publications would be “grandfathered in”.

It should be remembered that, just because it does not seem likely that Wizards of the Coast actually has the legal authority to do so, that does not prevent them from behaving as if they do, and BRW Games does not have the millions of dollars it would take to force the issue in a court of law.

For that reason, if the OGL1.0a is de-authorized, and works that were previously published under its authority are deemed to be a violation of Wizards of the Coast’s IP rights, we will have no choice but to remove them from our catalog of active titles. While adventure modules (including Castle of the Mad Archmage) and rules supplements will be able to be modified and republished without the OGL1.oa, it is unlikely that the Adventures Dark and Deep core rulebooks (Players Manual, Bestiary, and Game Masters Toolkit) will be salvageable.

To summarize, if the OGL1.0a is de-authorized and even previous publications become disallowed (all subject to change based on changing circumstances):

  • The Adventures Dark and Deep core rulebooks will be removed from publication permanently
  • Other titles published under the OGL1.0a, such as Castle of the Mad Archmage, Random Terrain and Encounter Generator, adventure modules V1-3, etc. will be temporarily removed, modified to remove anything that references the OGL1.0a and the accompanying SRD, and re-released
  • Our newer titles, such as the Book of Lost Lore, Book of Lost Beasts, and Swords of Cthulhu were not published under the OGL1.0a to begin with, and are unaffected

Again, we thank you for your patience and support, and will issue further statements as the new legal landscape becomes clearer.

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