Meckwick’s Challenge Now Available

I’m pleased to report that the first-ever adventure module written by a third party that is specifically compatible with Adventures Dark and Deep™ is now available from Random Wizard at (It is of course also compatible with most other OSR-type rules.)

Meckwick’s Challenge is only $2 for a 46 page pdf with color cover and neat interior cartography, plus some really neat cut-and-make dice for random dungeon maps and encounters. Do check it out!

From the blurb:

Arson, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft; A string of crime has beset the area. The ruling council has tasked a mysterious wizard to hire adventurers to find a solution to the problem. The reward is great, the danger greater still. Can your party of adventurers track down and outwit six deadly villains? Or will you succumb to dangers posed by Meckwick’s Challenge?

An adventure for 5-8 characters of levels 4-7. Compatible with Adventures Dark & Deep and easily used with other OSR games and products.